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Lasting longer in bed is also a key point that must be initiated while engaged in the sexual activity. Majority of men tend to explode faster then they desire which often lead to an unfulfilled sex session. And this can be quite frustrating and embarrassing for men to leave their partner unsatisfied. It can some times affect the confidence and spirit of the person involved. Also premature ejaculation better known as PE is a primary concern for most of the men as this is one of the major problems being faced by them.
One might find it quite embarrassing to admit and discuss about the problem as it seems to hurt their male ego in some way. But its time to bid adieu to this sexual dysfunction since there are a number of possible ways to handle this issue effectively. It all depends on the choice of the person which type of approach he wishes to adopt in order to get rid of this condition. There are pills, lubricants, exercises and other methods to help you last longer in bed. So why shy away and lose the opportunity to enjoy a pleasurable sex life.
This is your opportune moment to grab the chance to better your performance in bed and satisfy your partner. Pills and lubricants as far as possible must be left as the last option because it is always best to try doing things the natural way. For instance you try out exercises such as the kegel exercise in order to regulate your ejaculation. There are also other exercises that focus on your breathing, mental control and relaxation techniques. Depending on your preferences you can try out any one of the exercises and see if it helps or not. Also you can try out different sexual positions. This also helps directly in delaying your ejaculation. Herbal supplements and lubricants can also be used once you have mastered the other techniques. This will be helpful in increasing the pleasure and lengthen the time span of your performance. Eliminate premature ejaculation! Make love to their partner as long as they want. Do not let PE hinder your spirit. Premature ejaculation occurs when men are not ready for it and this often leave their partner unsatisfied. Studies say that most women climax 10 to 15 minutes after love making and men usually last not longer than 5-10 minutes. This difference can affect the partners badly. Premature ejaculation mostly affects men below 50. Some men ejaculate right away after erection, just before penetration while others often fail to delay their climax. But there is good news for those suffering from premature ejaculation. And it can change your sex life to a great extent. Now, you can put an end to this embarrassing problem. Read on to know some of the suggestions for men to help them last longer in bed. There are many causes for premature ejaculation. Suffering from diseases like urinary tract infection can affect your sex life. And to deal with such an issue, it is important to consult a doctor. Otherwise the following tips may come in handy to help you last longer in bed: 1) Some men tend to have performance anxiety. If you are one of them then the easiest way out to deal with it is to relax, release insecurity and try to distract your mind. 2) Follow a healthy diet and regular exercises. Stay away from alcohols and smoking. 3) Try out kegel exercise as it helps in strengthening your pelvic muscles and in achieving stronger erections and gain complete control over ejaculations. 4) If you have a hyper sensitive penis wearing a condom or using desensitizing cream can be helpful. It will keep you from getting aroused too soon thus, resulting in delayed ejaculation. 5) Changing positions also plays an important role in delaying orgasms as some positions allow men to reach orgasm too soon. Try out different positions and see which one is good for delaying ejaculation. Mastering this trick will be helpful in delaying climax. With this skill handy anyone can have a long passionate sex. Having complete control over your ejaculation! What more could you ask for? Your sex life is in your hands. A sexually satisfied person is a happy person enriched with spicy sex sessions.
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